We offer a wide range of sustainable paperboard products, including those made from premium virgin fibre and ones composed of 100% recycled fibre. All our paperboards have been tested and vetted by our team, who have a strong understanding of various issues and challenges.

CRB (Coated Recycle Board)  is a 100% recycled paperboard made entirely from recovered waste paper. The waste paper used is collected from paper manufacturing and converting plants as well as post-consumer sources. It has a clay coated top surface which allows this grade to be printed with multiple colors and coatings. This grade is ideal for Dry Food Retail packaging such as Cookies, Crackers, Cereals & Cake Mixes, Paper Goods packaging such as Facial Tissues, Napkins & Toilet Seat Covers.

FBB (Folding Box Board) is a multilayer substrate that utilizes TMP (Thermo Mechanical Pulp) in the middle layer and bleached chemical wood pulp on the outside layers. Utilizing TMP in the middle produces bulk without the extra weight. The combination of TMP on the inside and chemical pulp on the outside creates a strong and stiff sheet. The basis weight ranges from 200 to 450 GSM – Ideal for Food packaging, cigarettes cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and graphical applications.

SUS (Solid Unbleached Sulfate), also called Coated Natural Kraft (CNK) by some manufacturers, is known for its durability and strength. It meets multiple national food industry requirements. SUS is used in many folding carton applications, especially when wet strength and durability are essential. Typical uses are consumer electronics packaging, beverage carriers, dry food packaging, hardware packaging, and packaging for powdered detergents and soaps.