NovaPak has raised industry standards in terms of sustainability by manufacturing quality paper products with little environmental footprint. By purchasing our paper from local paper mills and merchants, NovaPak consistently supports local business and ensures low transport emissions compared to our competitors. NovaPak offers numerous grades of paper sourced from 100% recycled fiber, and nearly all our paper is fully recyclable. We are committed to reducing waste, as all trimmings and scrap from production are recovered to make paper again. Being both locally and sustainably sourced, our products are recognized as the best choice for paper in the print, foodservice, and industrial packaging markets.

Food Safe

NovaPak Paper is fully committed to providing our customers with quality products that meet or exceed customer expectations. We ensure the quality, safety, and legality of our products by providing the resources and time required for the development, implementation, and maintenance of the food safety system.

We are committed to embedding food safety into every level of the company, training all employees to understand their part in the program and the weight of their commitment to following the program strictly. Finally, NovaPak Paper will continue to implement an effective food safe program, actively monitoring its effectiveness as well as continuing to improve the program over time.